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This is how the community work is intended:

Manfred Fattler designed a sculpture consisting of four equal sides.
This work is intended to show the many facets of his home town of Schönwald.
All parts are peculiarities of the spa. The sculpture is to be produced in a collaborative effort.
In the run-up to the “Metal Design Today” exhibition, colleagues are supposed to prefabricate individual elements at home. The choice is free. Manfred released all parts in a lot of detailed work.

Anyone who decides on one of the elements only needs to comply with the few specified basic dimensions. He is completely free in the artistic execution.
The selected sculpture details should be reported to Thomas-Maria Schmidt so that two participants do not select the same work.

The finished parts can be sent to Manfred Fattler or brought to the opening weekend (May 26-29). In an on-site workshop, the parts are assembled into a whole.

Please report selection to:

Please send parts to:

Manfred Fattler,
Gutachstr. 4
78141 Schönwald


list of parts

Part number Manufactured by
 1 Tobias Wurzenrainer
 2 Berufskolleg Hennef
 3 vergeben
 4 vergeben
 5 Volker Priewe & Alex Stork
 6 Berufskolleg Hennef
 7 Robin Muth
 8 vergeben
 9 vergeben
 10 vergeben
 11 Peter Knoth
 12 Thomas Maria Schmidt
 13 vergeben
 14 Patrick Beck & Mariano Nicolas Garabato
 15 vergeben
 16 Metallgestaltung Schmidt
 17 Markus Meyer
 18 vergeben
 19 Marian Boschner & Jan Ullmann
 20 Ulrike Grießer
 21 Rüdiger Schwenk
 22 vergeben
 23 Berufskolleg Hennef
 24 vergeben
 25 Robin Muth
 26 Lorenz Romeis
 27 vergeben
 28 Luc & Marnix mit Freunden (Belgien)
 29 vergeben
 30 vergeben
 31 Dietrich Weber
 32 Berufskolleg Hennef
 33 Bernd Kluth
 34 Steven Knerr
 35 Alexander Lantsow
 36 vergeben
 37 Berufskolleg Hennef
 38 Lehrwerkstatt Adient Rockenhausen


Overview of parts and dimensions
The sculpture
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The individual parts
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