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The catalog for the exhibition

In the following link you will find the catalog in which you will find all the exhibits.


 Catalog exhibition Schönwald 2022



The best chance to show and sell good work

Metal design today - 30 years of the IFGS exhibition in Schönwald

In 2022, the small Black Forest community of Schönwald will become the focal point of contemporary metal design. In addition to the large exhibition in the landscape park and in the Uhrmacher-Ketterer Hall, the Internationaler Fachverband Gestaltender Schmiede (IFGS) has prepared a varied program for the opening.

A tightly scheduled program is planned for the opening weekend. Of course, the focus is on the participants in the large exhibition, who will bring their works from Wednesday, May 25th (to May 28th) and set them up in the landscape park. Foundations and bases are being prepared by the municipality of Schönwald. The long weekend (Thursday, May 26th is Ascension Day) was deliberately chosen in order to have enough time for the installation of the work show in the park and in the hall.


The support association of the Biennale in Kolbermoor provides there forges, the tent and the complete forging equipment. On friday, May 27th and Saturday, May 28th, there will be forged on six forges in front of the Uhrmacher-Ketterer hall. Participants of the exhibition and blacksmiths who have traveled there can work there and, if necessary, also produce pieces for the Fattler sculpture individually or in teams. Basic equipment and tools are provided, but you should bring your own tools. The IFGS is happy to receive registrations for free forging (contact details at the bottom of this page). You can also spontaneously grab a hammer. “forging with children” is also planned on Saturday, May 28th. This is where the equipment from the Kolbermoor club comes to use. Here Club members will accompany this action.

The interior exhibition will be set up in an adjoining room in the watchmaker-Ketterer hall. There is also space for the exhibits from the international forging campaign “Forging Through Time”, which was launched online.
The program was coordinated with the local clubs in several preparatory meetings in Schönwald. Manfred Fattler: "The whole town is looking forward to the weekend in May and the guests from near and far." Mayor Christian Wörpel adds: "The clubs have promised their support. They provide typical regional food and entertainment.”    

On Saturday evening (May 28th) there will be a festive evening in the Ketterer Hall to mark the 30th anniversary of the founding of the IFGS. This evening is also organized by the local clubs. The exhibition will be opened on the following Sunday and a guided tour in the presence of the participants is planned.

Mayor Christian Wörpel and his Marketing Manager Sarah Herrmann were able to report at the last preparatory meeting that the planned exhibition in the Upper Black Forest region has already met with a great response. The tourism region has included "metal design today" in the calendar of events and advertising. It can therefore be expected to have a large impact on the public. Exhibitors hoping for sales will certainly be interested in this. Manfred Fattler: “In 2005, at the first IFGS exhibition here, some objects changed hands. I think that will be the case again this time. Schönwald is a tourism and recreation area with a high number of visitors.”