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„30 Years IFGS“ between may 29th and september 30th 2022

International „Metaldesign Today“ Exhibition in Schönwald in the Blackforest

The IFGS (Internationaler Fachverband Gestaltender Schmiede) in cooperation with the municipality Schönwald in the Blackforest are inviting to participate in an international Metaldesign-Exhibition. The exhibition will have spaces outside (spa park – place for recreation) and inside.

The Orginizers:

Internationaler Fachverband Gestaltender Schmiede e.V.

Präsident Thomas-Maria Schmidt
Lambacher Berg 10
D-66989 Höheischweiler
Telephon: 0049 6331 98377

Municipality Schönwald im Schwarzwald

Heilklimatischer Kurort und Wintersportplatz
Franz-Schubert-Straße 3
D-78141 Schönwald im Schwarzwald
Telephon: 0049 7722 8608-0



Please fill the attached application form and send it to the IFGS
By applying, the interested parties declare their consent to:

  • Submission of documents free of charge
  • Make art pieces/workpieces available for the duration of the exhibition free of charge
  • Collection of the art pieces/workpieces after the end of the exhibition
  • Compliance with the relevant safety regulations as well as relevant standards and guidelines

Invited are members of the IFGS, international Blacksmithing Organizations, Artist Blacksmiths and Metaldesigners

  • Production method of the work:
  • Objects must be mainly made from metal 
  • Every production technique is permitted
  • Practical work is appreciated in addition to freely designed pieces
  • Particular emphasis is placed on high quality of craftsmanship and attractive design
  • The art pieces/workpieces for the spa parc must be suitable for installation outdoors and have a solid foundation that can withstand a wind force of 60 km/h

Possible support from the municipality of Schönwald and the IFGS:

(These are agreed on an individual base)

  • Assistance with assembly and dismantling
  • Attractive indoor presentation of the work
  • Exhibition insurance - the art pieces/workpieces are insured by the organizer,
  • with a deductible of 500,- € per piece / per case of damage
  • Printed and online exhibition catalog
  • Public relations and international promotion of the exhibition
  • Sales opportunity
  • Social evening with a supporting program for the opening


Delivery (Assembly) and dismantling:

Assembly: May 26th / ascension until May 28th. 

End: September 30th, dismantling 30. September and 01. October

On these days there is logistical assistance from the municipality and the IFGS member company Fattler.

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